Hydro Buildings Consolidation s.r.l.
Via Alessandro Tiarini, 27/A - 40129 - Bologna - Italia

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Hydro Buildings Consolidation s.r.l. was born in 2008 from the union of the skills of the partners:

  •  Gualtiero Cenni, Structural Engineer
  •  Rocco Carbonella, Geologist
  •  Giovanni Fontana, Installer Engineer

with the express purpose of solving problems of static instability of buildings.

We have found that the vast majority of static problems in buildings are due to variations in the humidity of clayey soils, a consolidation system capable of maintaining this parameter constant was thus developed and patented, with an interdisciplinary study and multi-year experimentation. eliminating the cause of the failures.

The works carried out creating the HBC plant have brilliantly solved the problems related to the shrinkage and swelling of clayey foundation soils with very low costs and inconvenience compared to traditional methods.

The HBC philosophy consists in the preliminary study of the cracked framework, the organization of the supporting structure, the characteristics of the foundation soil and the logistics of the building complex to identify the causes of the instability and subsequently modulate the optimal consolidation project.

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